Where can I find your gluten free sugar cones and ice cream cups? 
Stores currently carrying Joy gluten free products are Safeway, Meijer, Dominick's, Randall's- Tom Thumb, Von's, Kroger, Market Basket, Estacada Thriftway, Ericksons Thriftway, Food4Less, Lamb's Thriftway, Associated Food Stores, Piggly Wiggly, Publix, Hy-Vee, Spartan, Giant Eagle, Marc Glassman, Inc., Brookshire Grocers Chain, H.E. Butt, Woodman's, Wegmans, ShopRite, QFC, Heinen's, Market of Choice, Bales Market Place Thriftway, Wholesome Fare Natural Foods and Sherm’s Thunderbird Market. We continue to add distribution at retail outlets. If you cannot find Joy gluten free products at your local stores, please ask your store manager to add them or write or call the retailer’s corporate office requesting them to add the products to their planogram.  You may also visit the Gluten Free Mall, Net Grocer or other internet sites to purchase our products online.

How do you guarantee that your gluten free ice cream cake cups and sugar cones are gluten free?

Our gluten free ice cream cones and cups are produced using a mixer that is dedicated to gluten free batter.  The batter lines to our ovens are thoroughly cleaned to remove any trace of gluten prior to each gluten free production run.

Joy Cone uses test strips that can detect gluten particles as low as 5 parts per million.

I purchased your Joy gluten free sugar cones. When I opened the package, I noticed the cones had a rancid/chemical smell. Are they safe to eat?
Yes, the cones are safe to eat.  They still have their great taste with a slightly different smell. We are re-evaluating our oil ratio which we believe is the root of the smell.  
Please click on the link below for additional comments on this topic.
What is the best way to store the cones so they don't get soggy/stale?
The best way to store the cones is in an air tight container in a cool dry place.  
If cake cups lose crispness, preheat oven to 300° then turn off heat. Place cups on baking sheet and place in warm oven for 2 minutes. Unfortunately there is no procedure to restore crispness to sugar or waffle cones. We suggest breaking up sugar cones and waffle cones and using them as a topping.
What causes the chocolate on the Joy chocolatey dipped cups to turn white?
Chocolate contains cocoa butter, a vegetable fat that is sensitive to heat and humidity. Temperatures above 75°F will cause chocolate to melt. The cocoa butter can rise to the surface and form a discoloration called "cocoa butter bloom." Condensation on milk or semi-sweet chocolate may cause the sugar to dissolve and rise to the surface as "sugar bloom." Chocolate bloom is one of the main concerns when producing chocolate. Chocolate that has "bloomed" is certainly safe to consume, but texture changes may be noticed.
There are no artificial ingredients in the chocolatey dipped cups.  We at Joy Cone thought it was important to have natural ingredients in this product.
To prevent chocolate bloom, we would have to add the following ingredients:
·         Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
·         Sorbitan Tristearate
·         Artificial Flavor
·         Salt

How can I order your special baking pan/carrier for the ice cream cup cakes?

The offer for this great item can be found on the sides of the boxes that carry the appropriate-size cups for the ice cream cup cake recipe. The items that can be used to bake these cups are 12 cake cups, 24 cake cups, 48 cake cups, and 18 color cups.  Follow directions on the order form. Mail your payment to the address on the form found on the side of the box.

Or you can now order the same baking pan set on our web site.  Click here.

Does your product contain tree-nuts or peanuts? Is there a chance of cross-contamination with other products in your bakery that do contain tree-nuts or peanuts?

None of our ice cream cones contain tree-nuts or peanuts. None of our ice cream cones contain ingredients that contain tree-nuts or peanuts. Since we only bake ice cream cones at our two bakeries, there is no chance of any cross-contamination with other products.

Where can I find Joy Ice Cream Cones and Cups?

We have added a new feature to our website entitled "Where to Buy".  By inserting a zip code you may find stores in your neighborhood as well as throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that carry Joy Ice Cream Cones and Cups.  You will be taken there now by clicking on this link or by clicking on the "Where to Buy” link on the Retail home page.

Are Joy Cones kosher?

Yes. All Joy Cone products are certified kosher by Star-K.

Where are your facilities located?

We have two facilities.  Our eastern facility is located at 3435 Lamor Road in Hermitage, PA 16148.  Our western facility is located at 2843 West Shamrell Blvd. in Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

Do you give tours of your facilities?

Hermitage Facility - Tours are given only during the months of August, September, October and November for parties up to 15. Please contact the Human Resource Department-Hermitage if you are interested booking a tour.

Flagstaff Facility - Tours are given only during the months of September, October, November, December, January, and February for parties up to 15. Please contact the Administrative Assistant if you are interested in booking a tour.

Is Joy Cone Company privately owned, family owned, or employee owned?

Joy Cone Company has no private investors. It is partly family owned and partly employee owned. However, all family owners are required to be full time employees, and therefore, strictly speaking, Joy Cone Co. is 100% employee owned. Joy is an ESOP company. In other words, we have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which is how we administer the details of non-family employee ownership. Please note. The current family owner-employees are the direct descendants of one of the two founders. To learn more about our company history click here.

Can I purchase my cones directly from Joy?

We do not sell our cones directly to the consumer with the exception of our Kids Cone® Samplers, Waffle Bowls, and Preztel Cones which are available in the online shop.

Where can I get your cones?

Our cones are available through distributors throughout the United States and Canada. If you would like a list of local distributors click here.

Why do I need jackets on my cones? What do they do for me?

With the ever-increasing concerns about food borne illness and sanitation, it was only natural that we develop jackets for our cones. Jacketed cones project an image of cleanliness and show your customers that sanitation is a priority. Using jacketed cones will also cut down on the need for cone wraps and extra napkins. It is also a labor saver.

Can we have our name printed on the jackets?

Yes, the minimum is 500,000 jackets per size per year. If you are interested in a custom printed jacket please click here.

Can we have a custom size cone made?

Yes, but there are substantial tooling costs involved. If you are interested in a custom cone please contact Juergen Kloo at juergen.kloo@joycone.com or (800) 242-2663 x3400.

How do I get credit for damaged cones?

You should contact your local distributor for credit. Most of the damage that is incurred in the field is a result of handling. If, however, you feel that there is a problem in the manufacturing of the cone please call us at (800) 242-2663 and ask for the food service department. We will log your complaint and advise what actions will be taken. Please have the case of cones in front of you when you call. We will need information from the case that is printed on a 6” by 4” case label.

Can I get my dispenser for free if I use your cones?

We do not supply free dispensers. Unfortunately, we do not make the dispensers. We have to purchase them just as you do. We offer these dispensers as a convenience to our customers. You can order dispensers online, just click here.

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